Established in 1982 we remain committed in assisting property buyers and sellers protect their investment  through our surveying and our architectural expertise. Our detailed knowledge of building construction techniques new and old, provides a large resource of information that our clients can draw on when undertaking property purchases or when considering alterations and extensions.

Our extensive knowledge base spread over 40 years in practice provides the expertise and experience our clients depend on to progress their requirements.

As an ‘RICS Regulated Firm’ and Chartered members of CIAT we carry all approved professional insurances and as a requirement of the Institute all qualified members are obliged to maintain professional standards and continuing professional development.

With our experience working on all building types and identifying building defects we are well placed to provide the service our clients require in a wide range of property based activities.

We are also continually engaged with the planning and Building regulation process across many different local authorities for all types of construction projects. We have experience in new housing, Extension work, Conservation areas and Listed buildings.

We strive to ensure all goes smoothly on-site and avoid problems before they arise by providing comprehensive and detailed information. We pride ourselves on the level of drawn detail we provide on all our architectural projects to ensure building details are not left to chance when the project moves on to site.

Engineering problems are addressed as part of the design service and solutions provided to satisfy the design and the local authority requirements.

Scott Arch

Over recent years there have been many changes to Planning and building regulations. We constantly monitor these policies and in accordance with our institutes regulations we are obliged to carry out Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Scott Arch
Scott Architectural has promoted the principles of Design quality for more than 40 years. Consistently producing high quality domestic and commercial solutions.

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